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Art, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Graphic Design, Foreign Language, Humanities, Music, Philosophy

General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the HCC general education core curriculum should be able to demonstrate: 

1. their ability to think critically

2. their ability to express themselves clearly in written and oral communication

3. their ability to express themselves effectively in quantitative terms

4. their understanding of and appreciation for the value and significance of culture

5. the scientific method of inquiry and the historical and contemporary impact of science on daily life

6. their understanding of global, political, social, economic, and historical perspectives

7. their ability to use technology to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information


Cluster Student Learning Outcomes


Cluster 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to:


  2.a.  communicate an understanding of core terminology and concepts in a discipline of the humanities: visual art, performing art, music, literature, religions, and/or philosophies. 
  2.b. discuss the unique contributions of an individual composer, visual artist, performing artist, author, or thinker. 
  2.c. explain how a culture's values, beliefs, and/or ethical standards are expressed in their visual art, performing art, music, literature, religions, and/or philosophies. 
  2.d. relate the contribution of a past culture or historical tradition to a current culture.
  2.e. explain how the cultural history of the world is interconnected, or how an individual cultural or ethnic group has made a unique contribution to the civilization of the world.  

-May 2013