EXCEL Program 

From Concept to Institutional Action:
A College-Wide Approach to Global Learning


Excellence Through Leadership Program


In 1996, Hillsborough Community College created a formal commitment to establish the

Excellence through Leadership (EXCEL) Program.  The purpose of EXCEL is to strengthen

the professional preparation of women and minorities for leadership positions in the Florida

institutions of higher education.  EXCEL creates an environment for individuals to hone their

professional and personal skills, and benefit from networking and mentoring.


What to expect as an EXCEL participant

How selection for the EXCEL Program is determined

Application for the EXCEL Program



Inquiries about the Excellence Through Leadership Program should be directed to:

Judy Alicea 
Director, Excellence Through Leadership Program 
Phone: 813-259-6523
Email: Jalicea@hccfl.edu 
Dr. Gwendolyn W. Stephenson

District Administration Center

39 Columbia Dr.

Tampa, FL 33606