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Dental Hygiene Courses


Hillsborough Community College

Dental Hygiene Program of Studies

Associate in Science Degree Program


Prerequisite Courses for Admission:

The following prerequisite courses will be required and must be completed with a grade of C or higher to be considered for admission to the program.


BSC    2085    Human Anatomy & Physiology I                   3           

BCS    2085L  Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab              1

BSC    2086    Human Anatomy & Physiology II                  3           

BCS    2086L  Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab             1

ENC    1101    Freshman English I                                       3

MCB   2000    Microbiology & Human Disease                     3

MCB   2000L  Microbiology Lab                                           1

CHM   1032    Chemistry for Health Sciences                       3

CHM   1032L  Chemistry for Health Sciences Lab                1

MAC   1105    College Algebra                                   


MGF   1106    Liberal Arts Math I                                         3

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                             22 


General Education Program Requirements:

Additional required general education courses may be taken in advance or after admission to the dental hygiene program and must be completed with a grade of C or higher prior to graduation: 


PSY     2012    General Psychology*                                      3

SPC     1600    Public Speaking*                                           3

SYG    2000    Introduction to Sociology*                             3

*Any Elective Course from Humanities Area*                       3

HUN   2201    Fundamentals of Human Nutrition*                3

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                              15  

* These courses have been sequenced as part of the Dental Hygiene Program of Studies below in the event that the student has not completed the course prior to admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.


Fall Semester, Year I



DEH    1002    Dental Hygiene Instrumentation                      1           

DEH    1002L  Dental Hygiene Instrumentation Lab                 2

DES    1020C Oral, Head, & Neck Anatomy                             2

DES    1200    Dental Radiology                                            2           

DES    1200L  Dental Radiology Lab                                       1

DES    1800    Introduction to Clinic Procedures                      2           

DES    1800L  Introduction to Clinic Procedures Lab                  1

DEH    1720    Preventive Dentistry                                        1

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                                        12

Spring Semester, Year I


DEH    1800C Clinic Dental Hygiene I                                 3

DEH    1130    Oral Embryology & Histology                        1

DEH    2400    General & Oral Pathology                             3

DEH    2602    Periodontology                                           2

DES    1600     Dental Office Emergencies                           2

DES    2501     Pain Control in Dentistry                              2

DES    2501L  Pain Control in Dentistry Lab                          1

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                                     14

Summer Semester, Year I


DES    1100    Dental Materials                                         2           

1100L  Dental Materials Lab                                             1

DEH    1802C Clinic Dental Hygiene II                                2

DEH    1830C Expanded Duties for Dental Hygienist             2 

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                                      7

Fall Semester, Year II


DEH    2300    Pharmacology & Oral Medicine                      3

DEH    2702    Community Dental Health                            2

DEH    2804C Clinic Dental Hygiene III                               3

DEH    2809    Advanced Clinic Procedures                          2 

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                                    10


Spring Semester, Year II


DEH    1811    Dental Ethics & Jurisprudence                       1

DES    2502    Office Management                                      1

DEH    2702L  Community Dental Health Practicum               1

DEH    2806C Clinic Dental Hygiene IV                                4

DEH    2604    Periodontology                                            1                       

TOTAL CREDITS:                                                                      8

Credit Totals:

General Education:                 37 Semester Hours

Dental Hygiene Education:    51 Semester Hours

Total:                                        88 Semester Hours


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