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Administration & Faculty

EMS Contact Information:

Contact Information:

Mr. Larry Linder
Program Manager
Campus: Dale Mabry
Office: Technology Building DTEC 367
Phone: (813) 253-7454
Email: llinder@hccfl.edu
 Mr. Bill Corso
 Campus: Dale Mabry
 Office: Technology Building DTEC 384
 Phone: (813) 259-6347
 Email: bcorso@hccfl.edu
 Mrs. Amber Cardone
 Pt Staff Assistant, EMS Programs
 Campus: Dale Mabry
 Office: Technology Building DTEC 368
 Phone: (813) 253-7454
 Email: acardone@hccfl.edu

For more information contact:

Health Sciences Admissions:
Phone: (813) 253-7231

HCC Advising:
Ms. Kirsten Whited

Phone: (813) 253-7228
Email: kwhited@hccfl.edu

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