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Below are frequently asked questions about the Paramedic Program and their answers.


Q: What are the requirements for starting the paramedic program at HCC?

A: You must be currently enrolled at HCC or apply to HCC and meet the entrance requirements found in the most current catalog. You must also demonstrate competency in reading, writing and math by taking the College Placement Test or have completed college course work in those areas. A college advisor or counselor will be able to guide you.

The HCC paramedic program is a limited access program. Students must fill out a Health Sciences Paramedic application. To obtain an application for the Paramedic program go to Health Science Admissions page and follow the link to the Paramedic Application or contact the Health Sciences admissions office at (813) 259-6314. Specific application requirements are outlined below:

Entrance Requirements
1) be at least 18 years of age
2) be eligible for FL EMT certification 
3) have a minimum grade point average of 2.0
4) complete all applicable paperwork and a Health Science Paramedic Programs Application form prior to the deadline date.
5) be free from addiction to alcohol, narcotics, or controlled substances and be free from any physical or mental defects which might impair the applicant's ability to function as a Paramedic (in accordance with state rules).
6) final selection is determined by the Health Sciences selection committee.


Q: How often is paramedic training offered?

A: Paramedic is offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.


Q: Which HCC campuses offer paramedic training?

A: Currently paramedic training is offered every semester at the Dale Mabry campus and during the Fall Semester at the South Shore campus.


Q: How long is paramedic training at HCC?

A: The program usually takes 11 months. All facets of the program including Exit Final MUST be completed within eighteen (18) months of starting course work.


Q: How many credits is paramedic training?

A: Paramedic training is a total of 42 credits. The number of credits is determined by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.


Q: How are paramedic classes scheduled?

A: Currently all classes are scheduled on a 24/ 48 schedule. This means that class is held every third day except Sundays. Beginning each Fall semester, Paramedic training is offered on a fixed Monday & Wednesday schedule.


Q: What are the hours of the classes?

A: Generally 0900 - 1700 hrs on every third day or on fixed days.


Q: What do the paramedic clinicals consist of?

A: In accordance with the most current National Education Standards for Paramedics and national and state accrediting agencies clinicals are designed to be competency -based rather than time-based. This means that students are required to demonstrate that they are competent in psycho-motor skills to meet objectives. In addition, there are fixed hospital rotations that must be attended. While no one can determine how long each individual needs to achieve competency, on average you should expect to spend 120-150 hours. for each of the three (3) clinical courses


Q: What do I do after my training to become a State certified paramedic?

A: After you have completed all course work and applied for graduation you will receive a letter of completion from the program manager. After submitting an application to the State testing agency and paying the necessary fees you will be able to sit for the State certification exam. Upon successfully passing the exam you will be awarded State paramedic certification.


Q: Are there any special requirements to begin paramedic training?

A: All EMS students are required to have liability insurance which is included in lab/clinical fees paid at the time of registration and health insurance in order to attend clinical rotations. In addition, you must:

be a currently enrolled HCC student
submit a Health Sciences Paramedic application by the deadline date
see current catalog for application deadlines
receive an official acceptance letter from the Office of Health Sciences Admissions
hold a current Florida EMT certification
hold a current CPR for healthcare workers certification card or its equivalent
submit to a criminal background check
submit to a drug test
attend an orientation prior to registering for classes
have a physical exam, immunization records for MMR and PPD test
obtain a copy of the HCC Paramedic Student Handbook


Q: Are there any special physical requirements for paramedic training?

A: Paramedic is a very rewarding profession that entails many strenuous activities. Patient moving and lifting is a very important part of the job. Students are required to move and lift a weighted manikin (approx. 160lbs) in various lab settings to simulate real-life situations. The college reasonably accommodates qualified individuals with disabilities and compiles with and fully supports the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Q: What is the cost of paramedic training at HCC?

A: It is hard to determine the actual cost of the program as costs are ever changing, please see this PDF for more information.

Please refer to the current catalog for credit hour cost.


Q: What kind of employment opportunities can I expect after I receive my paramedic certification?

A: There are many opportunities for a certified paramedic. The Bay Area is home to several Advanced Life Support services that employ paramedics. In addition most Fire rescue agencies require that firefighters become paramedics as a condition of employment. many local hospitals and medical offices hire paramedics to work in their facilities.


Q: How much can I expect to be paid as a paramedic?

A: Because of the varied opportunities available to the paramedic it is best to contact employers with questions about wages and salaries.


Q: I still have questions, who can I call to get more answers?

A: If you have any questions you did not find answered here please call -

Mr. Larry Linder
Program Manager
Phone:  (813) 253-7454

For More Information on Admissions:
Phone: (813) 253-7454


Health Science Advising:

Ms. Edna Murphy
Phone: (813) 253-7228
Email: emurphy@hccfl.edu

Ms. Ashley Cooper
Phone: (813) 259-6321
Email: acooper20@hccfl.edu



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