Association of Professional Scholastic Opticians (APSO)

The Association of Professional Scholastic Opticians gives students the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the career of Opticianry. Each year officers are elected to lead enrolled students in activities that give back to the Opticianry Program and the Community.

APSO Membership Form   

Activities have included: 
Community Service Activities 
Fund Raisers 
Student Service Activities and
College-Based Contributions

2016/2017 Officers:
Co-Presidents: Jessica Ragan & Sandra Thistle-Holzwart
Co-Vice-Presidents: Emma Rose & Marie Tice
Treasurer: MacKenzie Mencia
Co-Secretaries: Savanna Sherman & Jillian Syriac

With the advent of a Distance Learning curriculum, this page gives students not able to attend "on-campus" activities an opportunity to be involved.  
Keep in touch with your fellow students, be involved in activities and contribute to the day-to-day activities of YOUR A.P.S.O. organization!