Final Exam Schedule

The Final Exam Schedule for Ft. Myers/ FSW and Tampa/ HCC is posted below.

Open the Schedule below, determine your Student Classification, and attend the proper Final Exam Session.

• Be on time. It is recommended that you be on campus ½-hour prior to the start of the exams.
• Bring your official course schedule. Know the courses you are taking. Print your official schedule from HAWKNET.
• Schedule yourself accordingly (ALL exams have 1 hour time limit). Be prepared to spend the proper amount of time on-campus per the number of exams you are taking.
• Use this time wisely. It is recommended that you arrange to spend the entire day on-campus to complete your exams, workshops and preparation for the following semester.
• Be prepared. Bring all necessary paperwork, tools and items to complete the test objectives. It is your responsibility to have; Pencils, PD Sticks, Calculators, Markers, etc.
• All exams will be administered on the HCC Dale Mabry Campus, Technology Building, 3rd Floor Room 300 or the FSW Ft Myers Campus, Building A, Room A-114.
(Other rooms will be reserved as needed) 
Spring 2019 Final Exam Schedule



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