Clinical Research

Clinical research professional’s primary role is to monitor clinical trials. With the many advances in healthcare delivery the need for trained healthcare related professionals has continued to grow, in particular the need for trained clinical research personnel.

The new programs at HCC will build fundamental skills in: adherence to IRB guidelines; safety for clinical research participants; coordination of clinical treatment and study visits; screening, recruitment and enrollment of study participants and clinical trial compliance with Federal and State regulatory laws. Those with Clinical Research Professional training can expect to work in biological, pharmaceutical or social and behavioral clinical research settings.

Coursework will include: in-depth study of drug development, federal regulations, good clinical practices, and the clinical research process. In addition, supervised fieldwork will provide skills application in protocol design, participant recruitment, regulatory compliance, accountability for drugs and devices, and auditing documentation in clinical research studies.

Here is the link to the advising guide: Clinical Research Professional

Here is the link to the advising guide: Clinical Research Coordinator



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