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The AS degree for the Sign Language Interpretation Program is now on moratorium



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Welcome to the Sign Language Interpretation Program Website!

Beginning in 1986 HCC took a leadership role in improving local and state interpreter services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals by developing an Associate in Science two (2) year degree Sign Language Interpretation Program.

Professional interpreters provide a link between deaf and hearing individuals in a variety of situations, including but not limited to: educational, religious, medical and mental health settings.

The Sign Language Interpretation Program at HCC is designed to provide students with sign language skills, an understanding of deaf culture, knowledge of the interpreter’s role and skill development to prepare students for the profession of sign language interpreting.


Sign Language Interpreters are in demand. With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the increase of Video Relay Services the need for skilled and qualified interpreters has increased and will continue to grow. The demand for trained interpreters far exceeds the supply.

Career opportunities also abound. In addition to the many business opportunities, interpreters are hired by public and private employers including:

• Educational organizations

• Community-based organizations

• Medical facilities

• Government agencies

• Law enforcement agencies

• Temporary agencies

• Churches and theatre productions


The Sign Language Interpretation Program is offered on the Dale Mabry Campus.

The HCC Sign Language Interpretation Program is an open admission program and no additional special application or admission to the Sign Language Interpretation Program is required beyond regular admission to the college.

Those entering students who have taken accredited ASL courses in high school may be able to transfer credits as college parallel, if the courses were approved as Advanced Placement or Dual enrollment courses or if the courses were taken in Hillsborough County High Schools. HCC and SDHC have an articulation agreement allowing students, entering the Sign Language Interpretation Program, who have completed ASL I and II in high school to take ASL II at HCC and receive college credit for ASL I after completing a certain number of program courses. Check with your high school guidance counselor for more information.

Sign Language Interpretation courses are taught on a fixed semester schedule in a five-semester sequence and full time student enrollment is recommended. Courses MUST be taken in the prescribed sequence in order to develop professional skills in orderly progression

Students attending on a part-time basis may require additional time to complete the program, but must schedule courses according to the recommended sequence. A meeting with the Program Manager of the Sign Language Interpretation Program should be arranged regarding appropriate scheduling of program course requirements for part-time students before starting course work.

Students who complete the A.S. degree may be prepared to take the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) upon graduation. Students who complete the A.S. degree will need to complete an additional bridge of 18 credits in general education to be eligible for transfer into the Interpreter Training B. A. program at the University of South Florida and/or the ASL/English Interpreting program at the University of North Florida.

Several of the A.S. degree courses also satisfy the pre-requisite courses for the bachelor’s programs in interpreting in and out of state.



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