Broadening Our Faculty’s Skills in International Education

Education today—for effective intellectual and professional development—must reflect diverse and global perspectives. While the CIE serves our students—foreign and U.S.—with international learning opportunities, it also acts as a gateway for HCC faculty to gain knowledge, skills and experience for teaching in today’s globally interdependent world.

HCC Comprehensive Internationalization (CIZN) Survey

HCC is committed to incorporate international and comparative objectives into the curriculum. Visit the links below to complete a brief survey. We welcome your feedback on our initiatives aimed at comprehensive internationalization at HCC, and thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Survey 1/2
Survey 2/2

A Variety of Sources

Find out more about how you can internationalize your teaching experience and support international education--in the classroom and abroad. Start out by exploring through the following links. Feel free to contact the CIE with any questions or to suggest improvements/additions to CIE web resources.  

  • International Organizations: Several domestic and cross-border organizations providing advocacy for international education through information sharing, skills programs and field opportunities.  
  • Professional Development: A variety of Fulbright seminars and residency programs for developing international academic teaching skills.
  • Funding Sources: Information on government grant opportunities.  
  • Study Abroad Programs: Sources for study abroad training, programs and funding.  
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum: Information on organizations that provide support and training for internationalizing domestic curriculum.