Why Is Computer Literacy Necessary?    

In schools, colleges, universities, and any business, a computer is standard. Computers are used to retrieve and look for information everywhere. Computers are a fact of life. They link our education, work and home life. It gives students the opportunity to engage in different learning experiences, advancing their levels of knowledge in a variety of areas.

Benefits from Computer Literacy:

Offers students the ability to create, edit reports and presentations
Allows reinforcement of information
Increases employability
Provides access to resources
Facilitates communication with others

Essential things to know:

Computer hardware, software and functions
Save and open a file
Use a word processing program
Open, minimize and close windows
Send and receive e-mail

No access to a computer? Don't worry! Computers are available for your convenience at Ybor City Campus, Faculty Building, Room 116 and Dale Mabry Campus, Social Science Building, Room 242