Office of Sustainability

Our mission is to transform Hillsborough Community College into a participating sustainable member of society.  Through a partnership among students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members, we seek to establish  and nurture an institutional culture of sustainability. 

HCC has designated sustainability as a core value of the College: "HCC values the sustainability use of its environmental, social, and operational resources including the integration of sustainable concepts in the curriculum and its service to the community" 


Sheila McNamara
Sustainability Project Manager

Jennifer Smith
Sustainability Coordinator


HCC Office of Sustainability
Dale Mabry Campus DSCI 216A & 216B


HCC internships (paid and unpaid) with the Office of Sustainability are available each semester. Typical projects include waste reduction/recycling, food, energy, water, and transportation. Student engagement, data management, marketing, and social media are vital components of Office tasks. If you are interested in applying for a internship position, please contact Jennifer Smith, Sustainability Coordinator at