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Brandon Campus celebration of Earth Day 2013: 


Ybor PTK's honors "Garden project" in Sulphur Springs:

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Alpha Beta Beta members from HCC’s Ybor City Campus won the “Outstanding School” award from Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (top left) for their accomplishments and success with their Honors in Action program. They worked during the fall semester with the YMCA afterschool program. Thirty-eight third graders participated in the afterschool program at Sulphur Springs Elementary school for a total of eight weeks. Over 95% of the students there receive free or reduced lunches, and over 95% of students are considered minorities. Studies show that children in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood have higher rates of obesity and food insecurity. This area is also considered a food desert, an area void of healthy food choices. After learning that the elementary school had wanted to have a garden for over four years with no luck, they decided it would be the perfect school with which to collaborate with.  Children learned about the components of soil, the purpose of worms and compost, how to apply multiplication and division in the garden, how to identify plant anatomy and function, and the concepts of germination, pollination, the nutrient cycle, the gas cycle, the water cycle,  ecology, the food chain/web, biodiversity, the scientific method, evapotranspiration, photosynthesis, plant dissection, and nutrition. Students engaged in hands-on activities that encouraged team building and critical thinking.  

News Channel 8 coverage:

Hawk TV news coverage:

Bottom Left:   BR SFE members Sasha Berrio (SFE President), Christopher Hart, Justin Jimenez, and Sara Casiano accepting their oar trophy at the breakfast ceremony held at the Florida State Fairgrounds on January 29th.

Bottom Right: Brandon Students for the Environment making organic lemondade for the 2013 Welcome Back Bash 

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Congratulations to Ms. Carmi Jimenez from Dale Mabry campus for winning the recycling "Gotcha" drawing for the Spring 2011-2012 semester. Read more about the "Gotcha" program here by Ms. Katherine Orr, outgoing President of the Students for the Environment Club at Dale Mabry campus.

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Volunteers at a campus beautification and cleanup

BR cleanup