HCC Reference Guide

Academic Success Centers
HCC Academic Success Centers located on each campus provide language support services, and free one-on-one or group tutoring designed to meet the needs of students individual learning styles. Subjects vary by campus, and students are welcome to inquire about assistance at any location.
HCC's online portal and Learning Management System through which distance learning courses are taught.
Campus Cruiser
Is where students access your HawkMail account, see announcements, view student calendars, and enter your Campus Cruiser course page.
Cross Enrolled Student
Students who are taking classes at HCC and another institution simultaneously.
Distance Learning
HCC provides students the opportunity to take college-credit courses through Online, and Hybrid (part on campus/ part online) instructional delivery methods. These courses are equivalent to on-campus courses in terms of objectives, content, competencies, credit, and transferability, and depending on courses taken a student may earn an Associates of Arts degree entirely through distance learning courses. Distance Learning courses are accessed through MyHCC. For more information and to find out if distance learning is right for you visit the Distance Learning website.
Dual Enrollment / Early Admissions
Articulated acceleration methods for high school students to earn complete college courses and earn college credits. Students may be admitted through the early admissions option, and credits earned for satisfactory course completion apply towards both a high school diploma and college degree. Specific and current requirements for both programs can be found here.
FASFA and Financial Aid
Free Application for Student Federal Aid which must be completed and submitted online to apply for financial assistance. Be sure to enter HCC’s School Code - 007870 to have results sent to the Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid Counselors are available on each campus to assist students with their financial needs.
Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC)
The State of Florida’s centralized learning resource center for Florida’s Colleges and Universities. On the FLVC website students can track their educational records, explore Colleges and Universities, review degree programs, register for distance learning courses, and more. Hillsborough Community College has been a proud partner of the FLVC since 1999.
First Time in College (FTIC)
Students who have no prior college credits and are enrolling in college for the first time.
Hawk Alert
HCC’s SPAM-free, text notification system to communicate College alerts, closures, financial aid, registration, and payment reminders, as well as local emergencies to students. Sign up is free and only requires your seven-digit student or employee ID.
Hawk Card
Your official ID and college library card. By adding funds onto your card you may use it for bookstore, printing, and cantina/ cafeteria purchases. Residents of Hawks Landing gain vehicle and pedestrian entry to the apartment complex and Town Hall.
HawkMail365 is the student email system for the college. A cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft, it provides email, calendar, and messaging services. Current HCC students are required to use their HawkMail 365 account for official communication.
Portal for students, faculty and staff to access HCC’s web-based resources, including Registration, Email, Help Desk, Library Services, MyHCC and more.
HCC Live
HCC’c Information center that includes a call center, live chat, and an online knowledge base.
MyHCC (Blackboard)
Learning Management System and online portal to access distance learning courses.
Your NetID is the required user ID for accessing computing resources at the college. You must register your NetID before you can use it to access Outlook, Smarthinking, MyHCC, library or lab computers etc. Questions about setting up your personal questions and password can be found here.
HCC’s Student Orientation provides an overview of the student experience at HCC, and is designed to help students make a successful transition into college. New Student Orientations are offered online, and at all campuses by appointment. Orientation is required prior to registering for courses the first time.
Residency for Tuition Purposes
Your residency classification determines, and is required for tuition purposes at HCC. This status determines whether you pay In-State or Out-of-State tuition and fees. Documentation and proof of residency requirements can be found here.
SmarThinking Online Tutoring
Smarthinking is a no-cost, fast, and simple online tutoring service available 24/7 to all currently enrolled HCC students. Students login to Smarthinking with their NetID and password to connect to educators from any computer with internet access. Assistance is offered in many subjects including Writing, Reading, Math, Science, and more.
Student ID
This is a unique identification number given to all new students.  It will serve as a student’s password for Web Advisor and will identity their records during their time at HCC.
Student Clubs/Organizations
Each HCC campus offers students a variety of clubs and organizations to join. From Art, Drama, Chess, Green Builders, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government and more, joining offers students opportunities to explore varied interests, develop leadership skills, make friends, and have fun. Check out the list of clubs and organizations on your campus.
Student Services
Each HCC campus has dedicated student support services and specialists available to help make the transition to college seamless. From Academic Advisors, Counselors, Financial Aid professionals, Student Activities, Athletics, Career Resource Services and more, HCC wants to make your college experience a success.
HCC offers students a Tuition Installment Plan to make paying for college easier by spreading out payments monthly. It’s available to all registered students, and requires signing up for the service. Complete information can be found in the TIPS brochure .
Transfer Student
A student enrolling at HCC after attending another postsecondary institution.
Transient Student
HCC students taking courses simultaneously at another institution. Find transient status requirements here .
Web Advisor
Is the resource where you can search and/or register for classes, view your grades, and access your educational records. You will need your NET ID to login.