Getting Started with Distance Learning

Am I ready for online courses?
Online courses require a serious time management commitment. But with the right attitude and working at the required pace – you can be successful!  Use our online assessment too: SmarterMeasure here.

How much do Distance Learning courses cost?
Tuition and fees for Distance Learning courses are the same as for regular HCC courses. Se our tuition and fees webpage for more information.

Where do I buy my textbook or e-book?
All course materials for distance learning can be purchased through the HCC Bookstore

How do I contact my Instructor?
You can email your instructor directly from Hawkmail 365, or by using the Inbox in Canvas.

What is Netiquette?
Netiquette is a combination of “net” and “etiquette”. It refers to the customary code of polite behavior in an online environment.
• Be friendly and polite to your peers. Before posting a comment, ask “Would I say this to a person face to face?”
• Humor or sarcasm can be misinterpreted; watch your tone.
• Avoid social media writing: emoticons, acronyms etc.
• Communication should be specific, brief, and course-related.
• Be respectful and courteous; use positive criticism in discussions.
• Respect privacy; do not share others materials outside of class

What makes a good discussion post?
• When composing a new “Thread,” always include a specific title in the subject line.
• Your discussion, or your reply to a post, should start with a greeting: “Hi Classmates, “or “Hi Jim.”
• Your discussion post must be relevant to the discussion.
• “I like his answer,” or “I agree with Jim.” are not good discussion responses. Incorporate facts, and thoughtful opinions.
• Others opinions enrich the learning process. You may disagree with a posted response; but be respectful in your reply.
• Use spell-check within MyHCC
• Always sign with your full name.
• Think before you hit “Send.”
• Review your syllabus for your instructor’s discussion guidelines