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Welcome to the home page of the HCC Cisco Networking Academy Program. Here you will find information related to our Cisco Networking Academy. We offer four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification through a combination of lectures and hands-on training & labs.


Students learn the latest technologies of Local Area Networking (LAN) and Wide Area Networking (WAN) with Cisco routers, switches and hubs.

Our Cisco Networking Academy classroom in DTEC 412 has 6 "pods" made up of 12 Cisco 1841 routers, 20 Cisco 2600 routers, 12 Cisco 2960 switches, 12 Catalyst 1900 switches, 25 Dell workstations and 5 TFTP servers for uploading and downloading the Cisco IOS or configuration file to a router or switch. The classroom also has several workstations for telnet access to the HCC Cisco Network Academy student lab. \

Classes average 15-18 students each, so students always have access to a router. The classroom also has several different router simulation programs so students have a wide range of networking options for experience.




The Cisco Network Academy student lab in DTEC 462 is available for the Academy students anytime the college is open. No appointment is needed! The lab has 1 2610 router acting as a Frame Relay switch, 1 1841, 2 2650s, 1 2610XM and a 3620 for routers. The lab for switching has a 2960, 2 Catalyst 1912-EN switches and 3 2924-XL switches. To complete connectivy for all the Ethernet ports on the routers the lab also has several Cisco Fast 400 hubs.

The lab has 6 Dell workstations equipped with TFTP server, network sniffer software and Cisco SDM software as well as other networking software for an end to end networking experience. Students have the ability to console or telnet into any of the lab equipment as well as using an Internet browser on the intranet in the room to configure the lab equipment using HTTP. Students can also use Cisco's SDM to connect to the 1841, 2610XM or 3620 routers.

Students in the HCC Cisco Networking Academy also have the option to continue their education at HCC for an AS - Networking Services Technology (Cisco Option) Degree. All of these options help a student build a resume that will land them a good job in networking!


Cisco Books for these courses are available in the HCC Dale Mabry campus bookstore.

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