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What is Computer Science?
- Computer Science has many tangents and layers, but ultimately it comes down to "information transfer and transformation." Fundamentally, Computer Science teaches us how to interact with computers on their terms. From there, we can bend it to our will, writing our own scripts, apps, and even operating systems. Computer Science deals with more than just code and hardware, though. After the applications themselves are made, they can be used to make other things, like video and art and websites. As you can see, Computer Science is an extremely broad and fascinating area of study.

Why is Computer Science important?
- In an increasingly digital age, a working knowledge of computers is a must. An advanced knowledge of them opens one up to a great many possibilities in life, including some very high paying careers. As we move further into this digital information age, computers will only become more prevalent, making Computer Science one of the most important and accessible skills of all.

What are some interesting courses offered?
- Game Design and Development, Web Site Creation, Digital/Audio Design, and many more!

What kind of careers does a Computer Science degree open up for me?
- Just a few of the myriad careers Computer Science has to offer: Database Developer, Computer Programmer, Video Editor (Movies and/or TV), Graphic Designer, Unix/Linux System Administrator, Web Designer, Digital Security, and so many more.

Does HCC offer MCSE/MCP classes?
- Yes, HCC offers classes that will help towards your Microsoft Certifications. We will have a link up here soon with more information on MCSE and MCP classes at HCC.

Does HCC offer Cisco classes?
- Yes, HCC is a Cisco Systems Local Networking Academy - check the HCC Cisco Network Academy link for more information about Cisco classes at HCC.

Where is the schedule for computer classes at the Dale Mabry Campus?
- You can check the HCC schedule. Just follow the instructions and search for the classes you want on the campus that you want to take the classes.

What Computer Degrees are offered by HCC?
- HCC offers 7 A.S. degrees and 2 A.A. degrees. Check the A.S. Degrees or A.A. Degrees page for a complete list.

What Computer Certificates are offered by HCC?
- HCC offers several different Computer Certificates. Check the Certificates page for a complete list.

How much does it cost for these computer classes?
- Computer classes are regular HCC classes. You can check here for the cost for Florida residents per credit hour. There is a one time application fee of $25 when you first enroll at HCC.

What do Non-Florida Residents pay?
- You can check here for the cost for Non-Florida Residents per credit hour. There is a one time application fee of $20 when you first enroll at HCC.

What are the lab fees for computer classes at HCC?
- Lab fees at this time are $15 to $30 per class. Check the printed schedule for a list of lab fees for each class. E-learning classes also have their own separate fee. These charges are subject to change.

Does HCC offer computer classes on the Web?
- Yes, the Dale Mabry Campus Computer Science Department is offering more classes "Online" every semester. Check for a listing of online and independent study courses in the HCC schedule.

Who are the Instructors at HCC Dale Mabry Computer Science Department?
- Check for a listing of the faculty on the CS Faculty page.

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