Cost of the Dietetics Technician Program



Cost of the Dietetics Technician Program

Link to Student Fees



Estimated Cost of DT AS Degree

for 2017-18


Florida Resident Non-resident

Tuition and Fees



Per credit hour


Per credit hour

Uniform/Lab Coat and Shoes

FSS 1223C, HFT 2840 and the Practicums


$150 $150

AND Student Membership

DIE 2000


$50 $50

Knife Set

FSS 1223


$140 $140

Level II Background Check

DIE 2000


$50 $50

DTR Examination


$160 $160



Estimated Costs: $2,000-$3,200 Estimated Costs: $2,000-$3,200


NOTE: Medical Insurance will vary - see Program Policy here

NOTE: Transportations costs will vary- see Program Policy here



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