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Restaurant Management Program

The Restaurant Management program prepares students for employment as restaurant manager, banquet (restaurant and hotel) manager, cafeteria or lunchroom manager, food and beverage manager, café or coffee shop manager, dining room supervisor, fast food service management, and the catering profession, or to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations.

The content of the program includes the management of selling, preparing, storing, promoting, displaying, serving food, and providing customer service.

The concepts and duties for this Restaurant Management degree include estimating food and beverage costs and requisitions, purchasing supplies, conferring with food preparation and other personnel to plan dining room, bar, and banquet operations, directing the hiring and assignments of personnel, investigating and resolving food quality and food service complaints, and reviewing and monitoring financial transactions to ensure efficient budget.

After successfully completing the program, the student will be able to demonstrate acceptable professional sanitation/safety practices; effective financial management; human resource management techniques; appropriate communication skills; effective training techniques; knowledge and application of product and service technologies; proficiency in customer relations; effective inventory procedures; essential food production skills; effective merchandising strategies; proficiency in planning, organizing, and controlling daily operations; proficiency in related math and accounting skills; understanding of business financial protection techniques; and skills necessary for the role of a manager.


Restaurant Management Degree




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