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A well-maintained campus provides a safe and attractive learning environment for students & faculty.


The Campus beautification project can offer much more than physical improvements to the school buildings and grounds.


Through events and activities that support the re-design and landscaping of the grounds, the campus design projects that include drought and flood tolerant concerns that impact the grounds and waterways.


Through volunteer efforts, our school beautification projects and activities assist in changing the campus physical surroundings by picking up litter and garbage as well as planting new trees and flowers.


These efforts instill personal development, environmental awareness, and community involvement.


Personal Development:

There are many opportunities for personal development of the faculty, staff and students within the beautification activities/events. One objective is to have the faculty and students play leadership roles and take responsibility in the planning and conduct of the beautification projects.


Participating in the project can instill a sense of pride and ownership for the school in the students. Working with peers and being involved in group decision-making also provides personal development opportunities.


Environmental Awareness:

All changes to the campus grounds, through the beautification activities, allow participants to develop a heightened sense of awareness to the environment and environmental issues.


Each beautification event begins with a discussion of how the campus grounds came to be this way, whether by pollution or disrespect for property and illustrates the effects of people on the environment.


The beautification event objectives include a discussion of how the areas will be improved after the event has concluded and creates a sense of responsibility in the faculty, staff and students and a desire to preserve the changes.


Identifying the immediate natural environment elements and its characteristics as the students, staff, and faculty plant trees, flowers and shrubs also connects the students directly to the earth.



Community Involvement:


Building community participation is an important objective, which lasts well beyond the beautification activities/events.


Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in the events along with faculty, staff and students.


Developing a community sense of pride and ownership and contributing to the improvement of the local environment establishes ties in the community.



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