Mission and Objective




The DMC Beautification Project increases the knowledge and understanding of building a beautiful physical surrounding and an environmentally sound campus while promoting a low impact development approach toward storm-water management that incorporates the re-design and landscaping of the campus grounds and storm-water ditches for drought and flood tolerance.


The mission is driven by the all-volunteer efforts of our students, staff, and faculty through team building and community pride and spirit.




  • To provide a safe and attractive learning environment by cleaning, recycling, planting and maintaining campus grounds and trees throughout the campus
  • To provide HCC faculty, staff and students with an array of ideas and resources that support civic beautification efforts and community education initiatives: anti-litter, recycling, composting, beautification and environmental programs
  • To improve the physical surroundings of the campus which include picking up litter, planning projects to eradicate pollution, soil erosion and urban flooding
  • To provide community outreach opportunities for our students, faculty and staff volunteers to participate in service learning projects linked to various courses, community groups and campus clubs
  • To provide opportunities for personal development of our volunteers especially for students to play leadership roles and take responsibility in the planning, facilitation and orchestration of all elements of the Campus Beautification Projects
  • To provide opportunities to faculty, staff and students with campus projects as well as joint community events that include the annual International Coastal Cleanup Day, Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful Day and Great American Cleanup Day.


You can also go to the contact page to email or call us for more information about the Dale Mabry Campus Beautification Project.



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