Dale Mabry Campus Advisory Council By-Laws

(Ratified 12/05/2008)

Article I  - NAME
The name of this organization shall be the Dale Mabry Campus Advisory Council (herein referred to as the Council.)

Article II - CHARGE                                                                                

To deliberate and make advisory recommendations to the Dale Mabry Campus President regarding Dale Mabry Campus issues, except for solely academic and bargaining issues.

To deliberate and make advisory recommendations to the College President regarding college-wide issues, except for solely academic and bargaining issues, by advancing those issues to the Institutional Advisory Council.


Will consist of a minimum of three students (one of whom is a representative from Student Government Association, one of whom is currently employed as a student assistant, and one additional student), nine staff, nine faculty, and one administrator.

Beginning in the 2003-2004 academic year membership shall be by self-nomination. The Membership Committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Council prior to June 30th. The Council will forward their recommendations to the Campus President.

New membership begins with the first meeting of the Fall term.
The term of membership shall be two years. Members may request reappointment to the Council.

The Campus President will appoint the Administrator.

The Chair shall be elected annually by the Council membership.
The Deputy Chair shall be elected annually by the Council membership from the alternate employment category from the Chair.


A quorum shall be established by a simple majority of the membership of the Council. During a time period outside the normal Fall and Spring sessions, the requirement for quorum shall be waived.


Voting Members include the student, staff, and faculty members of the Council.

By-laws approval or amendments require a 2/3 majority of the members either in attendance, or who have voted in absentia via email.

With regards to voting procedures, Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed.

For the purposes of advancing an issue or proposal when time is of the essence, the Chair may place an issue for vote by the membership in e-mail, allow for an e-mail discussion, and allow for an e-mail vote. A minimum of 72 hours will be allowed for any e-mail vote. In order for the e-mail vote to be valid, a quorum of the Council must respond to the vote.

Article IV  - AGENDA

I. Certification of Quorum

II. Approval of Agenda - At this time Council members may introduce additional items for last minute inclusion to the agenda with the approval of the majority of the members present.

III. Approval of Minutes

IV. Chair Report

V. Administrator Report

VI. Announcements

VII. Standing Committee Reports

VIII. Old Business

IX. New Business - Any member of the Council can forward an issue to the Chair for inclusion as new business prior to the meeting date. In addition, other items may be introduced for inclusion in the agenda.

X. Open Hearing - At this point in the meeting, employees who do not serve on the Council shall have the right to present an issue to the Council for consideration to be placed on the agenda.

Should be submitted to the Chair at least one week prior the meeting date.

The standard meeting date will be the first college operational Friday of each month. The Chair or Campus President may call additional meetings as deemed necessary.

Committees shall be established periodically by a vote of a majority of the membership.

A) By-laws

B) Membership