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Women's Mentoring Network

Coordinated by Dale Mabry Business Leadership Club



Beth Kerly, Business Professor

 mkerly@hccfl.edu  |  253-7216  

Linda Tarrago, Accounting Professor   

ltarrago@hccfl.edu | 253-7497


PURPOSE:  Provide personal and professional guidance to female students in order for them to achieve their academic and career goals. 

SCOPE:  Monthly morning meetings with groups of students and an invited guest.  The students in the Mentoring Network determine topics.


MEASURING RESULTS:  Mentoring Network tracks the success of students participating through the number of:


completion of courses/degree

job attainment.  

PARTNERSHIPS:  Female leaders from the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce Women of Influence Committee.  


Book:  “Who Says it’s a Man’s World, the Girls’ Guide to Corporate Domination” by Emily Bennington.  This book is a recommendation from the American Management Association. 

Various videos (available through Blackboard) on topics including Business Communications, Career Planning, Networking, family/work balance.



Female students ages 18 to 35 who desire personal and professional guidance for their academic and career goals. HCC has a wide array of nationalities (over 70 countries are represented on the Dale Mabry Campus alone). Our campus is a Hispanic serving institution with a majority female student base of which 40% are of Black or Hispanic heritage. In addition to these populations, we plan reach out to women from all cultures, especially those who come from countries where women are traditionally placed in menial or subservient roles. Our campus is located in a blighted area and a majority of those attending are on federal financial aid and come from families who rely on welfare to subsidize their incomes. We want to help these promising young women to achieve the dreams to which they aspire.