MAC 1140 - Precalculus Algebra

Professor Beth Clickner

This course is taught online and is best suited for self-disciplined students who can work independently and have good time-management skills. In order for students to do well in the course, they must spend a minimum of 8 hours per week working in the course.

Reliable computer and internet access is required. The course content is delivered through instructor-created lecture videos that are posted in MyHCC, and the homework assignments and online tests are administered through MyMathLab.

Two in-person exams must be taken with Professor Clickner on the Dale Mabry Campus on the dates listed in the syllabus. If you are unable to test during the specified dates/times, you must follow the instructions in my Test Center Policy in order to test elsewhere.

Important course information will be posted in MyHCC and sent to registered students’ official HCC email addresses at least one week before classes begin. It is imperative that you log into MyHCC the week before classes start to access the syllabus, become familiar with the course layout, and adjust Canvas notification settings so you receive all course announcements via email. Coursework is due during the first week of classes, and students are expected to begin working online no later than the first day of classes.

Students must take the Syllabus Quiz in MyHCC, complete a Prerequisite Course Survey, and register for MyMathLab by the first Sunday after the semester begins in order to avoid being administratively withdrawn without refund for non-participation (WN). No one receiving a WN will be reinstated without documented extenuating circumstances for their failure to comply.