MAT 1033 - Intermediate Algebra

Professor Barbara Duncan

This course is best suited for self-disciplined students who like math, have some algebra background, can work independently and are good time managers. To complete the course requirements, you are expected to spend 7+ hours per week in ALEKS.  You must have reliable computer and internet access, since course material is delivered through ALEKS and MyHCC.

You have 1 optional and 3 MANDATORY class meetings on designated evenings:

  • Course orientation – optional, yet highly recommended
  • TEST 1 – mandatory
  • TEST 2 – mandatory
  • Final Exam – mandatory

Since the syllabus, schedule, testing, homework, ALEKS pie, resources and the ALEKS access code are discussed at the orientation, you are strongly encouraged to attend.  You will take the ALEKS Initial Knowledge Check to create your pie and learn 2 topics to help you decide if this learning format suits you. You are expected to spend 3 hours in ALEKS by the first Sunday night after the term begins. Thereafter, you are expected to spend 7+ hours per week in ALEKS.

You must be registered in ALEKS 360 and have completed the Initial Knowledge Check by the first Sunday night after the term begins to avoid being administratively withdrawn without refund for non-participation (WN). No one receiving a WN will be reinstated without documented extenuating circumstances for their failure to comply.