MAC 1114 - Trigonometry

Professor Joann Kakascik-Dye

This is an online course that will require you to take 2 tests and a Final Exam at the Dale Mabry Testing Center on the dates specified on the syllabus.  A reliable computer and internet access is required. The course content is delivered through MyHCC and MyMathLab. The homework and quizzes will be online and will be given through MyMathLab. Important information will be emailed to you through your official HCC email account one week before the semester starts. 

This is a class that will require self-discipline and time management. Successful students in the past have spent at least 15 hours a week on the material associated with this class.  If you can not make that kind of commitment, then this online class is probably not for you.

All students must log in to MyHCC, MyMathLab, and complete the Syllabus Quiz that is posted in MyHCC by the date specified on the syllabus/weekly schedule in order to avoid being administratively withdrawn without refund for non-participation (WN).  No one receiving a WN will be reinstated without documented extenuating circumstances for their failure to comply.