MAC 1140 - Precalculus Algebra

Professor Misty Vorder Bruegge

This course is taught online and is best suited for self-disciplined students who can work independently and have good time-management skills. In order for students to do well in the course, they must spend a minimum of 10-15 hours per week on the material.

Two proctored exams (a midterm and a final) must be taken during the designated dates and times listed in the syllabus. A reliable computer and internet access is required. The course content is delivered through MyHCC, and the homework, quizzes, and online exams are administered through MyMathLab.

Students should log in immediately once the semester begins. A Syllabus Quiz and Orientation Assignment in MyMathLab must be completed by the date specified on the syllabus in order to avoid being administratively withdrawn from the course without refund for non-participation (WN). No one receiving a WN will be reinstated without documented extenuating circumstances for their failure to comply.