MGF 1106 - Topics in Mathematics

Professor Tammy Barker

This course is taught online. Three tests must be proctored. You may either take the tests with the instructor on the Dale Mabry Campus on the dates and times listed on the syllabus, or you may take the tests at home using ProctorU for a fee. Using ProctorU allows you to take the test at a time that is convenient for you, but it does not extend the testing dates.

Reliable computer and internet access is required. The course content, lectures, discussions, and assignments are administered through MyHCC. Course Homework, tests and the course e-book are administered through MyMathLab.

Important course information will be posted in MyHCC and emailed to registered students before classes begin. Please check MyHCC before purchasing any materials for this course.

This section is best suited for self-disciplined students who can work independently. Assignments are due twice a week to help students stay on task. If you cannot follow this time schedule, you should not take this course online.