STA 2023 - Elementary Statistics

Professor Laurie Saylor

This course can be taken completely online. For the two mandatory exams (midterm and final), you can test on specific dates (listed in the syllabus) with the instructor at the Dale Mabry Campus or you can use ProctorU (student fee applies). Using ProctorU allows you to take the test at a time that is convenient for you, but it does not extend the testing dates. If you choose the ProctorU option, you are responsible for scheduling the appointment and paying the fee. For more information about ProctorU, see our MyHCC class or

Important course information (Syllabus, Orientation and MyMathLab, etc.) will be posted in MyHCC and sent to students' HCC email addresses a few days before class begins; please check MyHCC before purchasing any materials for the course. Students should carefully read everything that is posted in MyHCC and sent via HCC email.

Students must register for MyMathLab and complete work during the first week of class in order to avoid being administratively withdrawn without refund for non-participation (WN). No one receiving a WN will be reinstated without documented extenuating circumstances for their failure to comply.

Students must purchase access to MyMathLab (online software). Course content will be delivered through MyHCC and MyMathLab. Reliable computer and internet access is required.

This section is best suited for self-disciplined students who can work independently and have good time management. Students are required to spend a minimum of 8 hours working in this course each week.