EAP learning Center

The EAP Learning Center (EAP-LC) was the first classroom constructed under the Title V HSI Grant. Instructors working on grant-related projects and pilots can reserve the lab to hold individual class sessions. It is mainly used by students and instructors in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. Open lab hours are also held for students enrolled in the EAP program on the Dale Mabry campus. 












The instructor lectern is equipped with a Dell PC, a SMART Podium with interactive pen display, a Blu-Ray DVD player, and a document camera. The instructor can also connect a laptop, iPad, or other devices as display sources. There is a projector and screen as well as two wall monitors, which allow instructors to project up to three sources at one time (such as doc cam, PC, and iPad). There are 22 student computer desks equipped with web cams and headphones. SchoolVue software is installed on all the computers, which allows the instructor to monitor and control student computer use throughout the class.

Directions to DLRC 105C
We are located on the ground floor of the Learning Resource Center on the Dale Mabry Campus. Enter from the double glass doors across from the bookstore. Walk past the mail room window on your left and the stairs to the library on the right. Turn left and then right; the lab is in an alcove. If you wind up in the hallway with the mailboxes, you’ve gone too far!