Program Details:

  • Classes meet in the fall, spring and summer.
  • Fall and spring classes meet for 16 weeks.
  • Summer classes meet for 10 weeks.

The program offers six (6) levels, from beginning to advanced.  After successfully enrolling at HCC, a student will take an English placement test.  The test measures the student's reading skills, language use skills, and writing ability.  Based on the student's test scores, the student is placed in one of the six levels. 

  • Students in Levels 1-4 receive institutional credit.
  • Students in Levels 5-6 receive HCC elective credit, 24 of which can be used towards the Associate in Arts degree. 
  • Completion of the EAP curriculum also meets HCC's foreign language requirement.
  • Students enrolled in Levels 5-6 can also begin taking college math courses.
  • Once students complete Level 6, they may begin taking HCC college-level courses.

Required Classes:

Level                               Class                               Class                        Class                             Class

1                                      Speech/Listening            Reading                   Writing                           Grammar
2                                      Speech/Listening            Reading                   Writing                           Grammar
3                                      Speech/Listening            Reading                   Writing                           Grammar
4                                      Speech/Listening            Reading                   Writing                           Grammar
5                                      Reading                          Reading Lab            Writing                           Writing Lab
6                                      Reading                          Reading Lab            Writing                           Writing Lab