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MAC 1147:  Algebra and Trigonometry

Links to Course Tools

Blackboard:  The portal for the course.   Please log in for more course information.

CampusCruiser:  The portal for HCC email.   Please use it to send email to me.

WebAssign:  The online homework system for the course. 

Schedule:  The schedule of test days, quiz days, and section covered.


Other Links

Dave Short Trig Course:  This site is really an introduction to trigonometry not a course.  It is written in a comfortable and entertaining style.

Trig Formulas:  A nice list of trigonometric formulas.  Paul Dawkins of Lamar University created the list.   You can find links to his notes for other math courses on this web page as well.

Polar Graph Paper:  Some nice polar graph paper provided by Incompetech.

WolframAlpha:  An online symbolic algebra system.

Smarthinking:  Smarthinking is a 24/7 online tutoring service provided free to students at Hillsborough Community College.

MathWorld:  An online encyclopedia of mathematics.

Dominoes Falling:  An animation created crreated by jackherb (youtube user name) using Blender Physics.   This is intended a visual analogy for the Principle of Mathematical Induction.

Ambrioso Summer 2012