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MAC 2312:  Calculus II

Links to Course Tools

Blackboard:  The portal for the course.   Please log in for more course information.

CampusCruiser:  The portal for HCC email.   Please use it to send email to me.

WebAssign:  The online homework system for the course. 

Schedule:  The schedule of test days, quiz days, and sections covered.

Other Links

Gottfried Leibniz:  A short biography of one of the creators of the Calculus.

Sir Isaac Newton:  A short biography of one of the creators of the Calculus.

Polar Graph Paper:  Some nice polar graph paper provided by Incompetech.

WolframAlpha:  An online symbolic algebra system.

Riemann Sum Calculator:  A nice online calculator, from MathWorld.com, for calculating and plotting Riemann sums.

Smarthinking:  Smarthinking is a 24/7 online tutoring service provided free to students at Hillsborough Community College.

Note on the Alternating Series Test (AST):   This note from the Math Forum gives a nice response to a question about the AST that I had wondered about as an undergraduate.

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