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MAC 2313:  Calculus III

Links to Course Tools

Blackboard:  The portal for the course.   Please log in for more course information.

HawkMail365:  The portal for HCC email.   Please use it to send email to me.

WebAssign:  THe online homework system for the course.  To access the system, you will need a course ID: hccfl 6732 8196

Schedule:  This document gives a tentative schedule for the entire term.

Other Links

Gottfried Leibniz:  A short biography of one of the creators of the Calculus.

Sir Isaac Newton:  A short biography of one of the creators of the Calculus.

Galileo Galilei:  Galileo is credited with being the first to show that ideal projectile motion is parabolic.  The linked page discusses Galileo’s reasoning and includes a drawing from his manuscript on the subject – Galileo’s Analysis of Projectile Motion. 

Jean Frenet:  A short biography of the creator of the Frenet frame.  In his doctoral thesis he developed “the idea of attaching to each point of an arbitrary curve in space a frame.”

Joseph-Louis Lagrange:  A short biography of the creator of the Lagrange Multiplier.

WolframAlpha:  According to the web site this is an “online computation knowledge engine.”   Regardless of what you call it, this is a remarkable web site!

Paul’s Online Math Notes – Calculus:  Nice notes for a Calculus III course.  Paul Dawkins of Lamar University created the notes.   You can find links to his notes for other math courses on this web page as well.

Online 3D Plotter:  A link to a nice online graphing program that will graph implicitly-defined 3D surfaces and allow you to rotate them.  The site is provided by the Lawrenceville School Mathematics Department.   Lawrenceville is a private high school located in New Jersey and founded in 1810!

Visual Calculus:  Contains lots of example problems solved step-by-step.   Good coverage of techniques of integration (a Calculus II topic) especially integration by parts, partial fractions, and substitution.

An Online Calculus Textbook:  A free calculus textbook courtesy of Wikibooks!  Unfortunately its explanations are brief and the exercises are very limited.   Perhaps in the future it will be as good as a commercial text.  An improved version of this book in the public domain would save students a pretty penny!

Vector Operations in Wolfram:  This page gives nice examples of using WolframAlpha to perform vector operations.

 Ambrioso Fall 2012