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STA  2023H:  Honors Elementary Statistics

Course Tools

Blackboard:  The portal for the course.   Please log in for more course information.

HawkMail365:  The portal for HCC email.   Please use it to send email to me.

MyMathLab:  THe online homework system for the course.  To access the system, you will need a course ID: ambrioso41277.

Schedule:  This document gives a tentative schedule for the entire term.



Probability -- from MathWorld:   A short description of Probability.

The Law of Large Numbers:  A Maple worksheet that demonstrates the Law of Large Numbers--as the number of trials increases, the empirical probability will approach the theoretical probability.

Simeon Poisson:  A short biography of the mathematician for which the Poisson distribution is named.

Combinatorics -- from MathWorld:  A short description of combinatorics.  This is the branch of mathematics which deals with counting.

Permutation Calculator:  An online permutation calculator.

Height and the Normal Distribution:  A nice image illustrating that height is normally distributed from the Journal of Heredity, vol. 5, 1914.



Statistics -- from Mathworld:  A short description of Statistics.

Sampling and the Normal Distribution:  A Maple worksheet that demonstrates that the Normal Distribution arises naturally.

The Approximation of the Binomial Probability Distribution with the Normal Distribution: A Maple worksheet that shows that the Normal distribution can be used to approximate a Binomial Distribution.

Best Estimates:  A Guide to Sample Size and Margin of Error:  A discussion of sample size and the margin of error in polling data found at Public Agenda Online.

William Gosset:  A short biography of the inventor of the t-test.

Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev:  A short biography of the creator of Chebychev’s Theorem.

Dentist Cartoon:  Is statistics really relevant?  This funny cartoon gives a humorous perspective to the question.  We post it with the written permission of the artist who draws Bizarro-Dan Piraro.

Power Point Slides for Statistics:  A nice set of PowerPoint slides covering an elementary statistics course courtesy of Pearson Education.

One Day in America:  A nice article from Time Magazine that discusses trying to define the “average” American.

Statistical Data

World Running Records

United States Census Bureau

Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance

Chance Data Sets

Public Agenda Online

The Gallup Organization

Rasmussen Reports



Data and Story Library

World Clock:  A clock that shows how various world statistics throughout the world are varying over time.  It was brought to my attention by Barbara Duncan, a colleague who teaches mathematics at the Dale Mabry Campus of HCC.

Ø  The 2011 Abstract:  Motor Vehicle Fatalities:   Data on motor vehicle fatalities from the Census Bureau.