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Charlene Bell, MS

Plant City Campus/MacDill Center
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 Charlene Bell




 ·         You are expected to maintain a 2.0 Cumulative (Overall) GPA.  Please see Mrs. Charlene Bell if you are on academic probation and are not doing well in a class. 

·         For every hour of class, you should plan two hours for homework, which includes going over the current material (within 24 hours of class is recommended), previewing upcoming readings and assignments, and reviewing material that was covered earlier in the semester.  Some courses may require more or less effort than others but a good rule of thumb is to plan now to start this way.  Example: 12 credits + 24 hours of homework= 36 hours/week (full-time job)!

·         If you should earn below a “C” in a course, it is important that you plan to retake that course immediately to repair your GPA so that you are not restricted to in number of credits you are able to register for in the future.  This is the fastest way to repair your GPA instead of taking other new classes. 

***NOTE: Grade Forgiveness allows your new grade to replace your old grade in this course as described in the catalog.  Please review the policies on Academic Progress in the HCC catalog online. 

·         Attendance the first day of class is crucial to your success.  Pay close attention to your syllabus for each course and what is being expected of you.  During the first week of classes this is the time to determine if you should remain in the class or drop the class!

·         If you are receiving financial aid or the Bright Futures Scholarship and lose this funding due to academic performance, you may be able to have your financial assistance re-instated if you repair the problem quickly. 

·         Be sure to printout a copy of the Academic Calendar that is on the HCC website and note important dates for registration, payment deadlines, drop/add, and withdrawing from class.  If you have a GPA hold, you will need to come into the office for any registration activity, including withdrawing from classes.  /Current-Students.aspx


CAMPUS RESOURCES: Free Services That Are Available to HCC Students

·         Academic Success Center-includes the Prep Writing Lab, College Writing Center, Math Lab, and Prep Reading Lab.  It is strongly recommended that you obtain the schedule of available tutors for your specific course at the beginning of the term and plan this in your schedule as well. 

***NOTE: Do NOT wait until the first test to sign up for tutoring. Start at the beginning of the term. 

·         Counselor-can assist with improving study skills, time management, and dealing with personal issues that may affect your ability to perform well academically!

·         Computer Usage-if you are taking an online class or a class that requires computer usage, have an alternative plan in mind in case you run into problems using technology at home.  Please take advantage of using computers on campus or your local library to avoid problems with academic performance. 

·         Online SmarThinking-a free resource that is available to students via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Tutors may only be available during certain times and you may have to schedule an appointment in advance so you may want to obtain a schedule as well.  

 Third or Fourth Attempts:

 ·         Students may attempt a course only three times (including original grades, repeat grades, and withdrawals). Students with significant extenuating circumstances may petition for a fourth attempt. All grades from the third and any sub- sequent attempts will be included in the grade point average calculation. Students must pay the full cost of instruction (equal to out-of-state fees) for credit classes they attempt a third time and any additional times. If students have serious extenuating circumstances, they may petition the appropriate campus dean of student services for a one-time exemption from paying the full cost of instruction.

***NOTE: Fourth (4th) attempts are not permitted for any prep classes.  For credit courses, a petition
must be approved by the Dean of Student Services before you are able to register for that course. 



·         When communicating with faculty/staff members, you should always use your HCC Hawkmail account.  Ask the individual his/her preferred contact method (email or voicemail).  Allow 24-48 hours for a response unless they have otherwise noted. 



·         Instructions on calculating your GPA can be found:

o    In the HCC Catalog

o    Internet search for GPA calculations

o    Requesting a handout from the counselor via email or in person



 ·         If you are on an insurance plan which requires you to be a full-time student, it is your responsibility to maintain good academic standing so that you are able to continue registering full-time.  Per the HCC Catalog, “Insurance issues will not be a consideration” when it comes to working with students on academic probation. 

o   AGES 18-30: If you are not permitted to register full-time and it prevents you from continuing current insurance benefits, here is an option you might research and consider if you are eligible.  HCC has no affiliation with this option so please contact the company directly if you have questions.  http://www.floridahats.org