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chapter 1 cover

Fish Reproduction Overview
Lecture 1
Intro lecture to fish repro! Enjoy.

Fish Reproduction Syllabus (Spring 2012)

chapter 2 cover

Fish Ethics
Lecture 2
What you need to consider when you are handling fish. 

Which organizations are relevant and which ones are not.  Why you should be careful of what you say and who you say it too!

We'll also discuss non-native verses invasive species issues and the decisions you may need to make when dealing with them. 

chapter 3 coverFish Hatchery Design   Lecture 3

How do you design a hatchery to meet the needs of your target species?  Let's find out. 

chapter 3 coverCell Biology Basics and Genetics
Lecture 4


chapter 3 coverFish Genetics (Ploidy Manipulations)
Lecture 5

chapter 3 coverBroodstock Management
Lecture 6


chapter 3 coverPreparing the Tank
Lectures 7 and 8

Spawning Behaviors

Live Bearing Fish
Lectures 9 and 10
Mouth Brooders
Lecture 11 and 12
Sustrate Spawners and Substrate
Lectures 13
Sustrate Spawners 2
Lecture 14

Hormones/Induced Spawning
Lectures 15

Introduction to Hormones (SRAC 421)

Hormonal Control of Fish Reproduction (SRAC 424)

Hormones 2
Lecture 16

Hormone Preparation, Dosage Calculations (SRAC 425)

Ovaprim in Ornamental Fish (FA161)

Plankton: Algae Culture
Lecture 17
Lecture 18
Larval Feeds
Lecture 19