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Fish Disease

Chapter 1
Welcome to our course on aquatic animal diseases. Here you'll find useful information on course notes and any updates to the class.

Shrimp photo courtesy of Professor James Fatheree!

FAS 2253 Syllabus FALL 2011 

FAs 2253L Syllabus FALL 2011

Lecture 2
History of Fish Health
Lecture 3
Fish Health Management
Fish health vs. fish disease. Is the glass half empty or half full?
Well talk about the differences between these two views of fish health management.
Lecture 4
Water Quality and Disease
Lecture 5
Disease Diagnostics

Lecture 6

Anatomy review of fish.  This has been updated with better pics.  We'll be refering to the vocabulary words

during this lecture for the rest of the semester, so be sure you learn them!


Lecture 7
Non-Infectious Diseases
Lecture 8
Immune Response
Lecture 9
  Lecture 10: Bacteria of Fish
Lecture 11  Bacteria of Fish (2)  Here is updated information on the remaining fish bacteria...enjoy!

Lecture 12
Lecture 13
Shrimp Bacteria
Lecture 14
Molds and Fungus
Lecture 15
Lecture 16
Protozoan Parasites
Lecture 17: Biosecurity
Biosecurity, Drugs, Regulation

Lecture 18: Drugs and Treatments (1)

Lecture 19: Drugs and Treatments (2)