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Ichthyology Course Notes
 ich 1

Lecture 1
Introduction, Course Syllabus, Properties of Water
Welcome to the Zoology 1450 course page. Here you'll find information on my course and well as other fish related stuff. This page will continually be updated to reflect where we are in class. Below are links to this semester's lectures so far...enjoy!

Well, we're off and running! During this lecture we'll cover the basics of the course. What I expect of you and what you can expect of me. I'll introduce some of the highlights of the history of the science of ichthyology (several are quite ironic), and discuss the properties of water.

ZOO 1450 FALL 2011 Syllabus

ZOO 1450 laboratory FALL 2011 Syllabus

ich 2Lecture 2
Fish Systematics
How does this stuff all work to help us identify fish? Much of our classifications schemes are based upon scientific observation of existing traits. More specifically, the presence or absence of those traits allows us to classify fish into distinct groups. We'll learn about classification schemes as a whole along with lots of new terminology. I hope that you will gain an appreciation of the daunting task that scientists undertake when sorting all this out!
ich 3Lecture 3
Skeletal System, Skin, Scales
No bones about it...okay, maybe just a few. We'll talk about scales too, and I'm sure you won't find the fish skeletal system as heavy a topic as you once believed!
ich: internal anatomyLecture 4
Soft Tissues
Soft tissues covered will include those of the muscle, circulatory, and nervous systems. Once we get into this stuff, you'll notice that fish are quite different in there adaptations to the aquatic environment when compared to terrestrial critters!
ich 5Lecture 5
Oxygen, Metabolism, Gas Transport
How does a fish inflate it's swim bladder? This lecture will address that factor of fish physiology and many more. Gas exchange within tissues will be covered and I'll provide information on some metabolic processes.
ich 6Lecture 6
Sensory Perception
Lecture 7
ich 7 Homeostasis
ich 8 Lecture 8
 Functional Morphology
ich 9 Lecture 9
  Early Life History: Development and Reproduction

ich pic 1Lecture 10
Juveniles, Age & Growth


Lecture 11: Introduction to Classification

ich 11Lecture 12
Sharks, Skates and rays...

ich 13Lecture 13
Primative Fish

 More primative fish stuff for the afishinado in all of us...



ich 14Lecture 14
Teleost Fish

More bony fish stuff...

ich 15 Lecture 15
More Bony Fish
ich 16 Reef Fish Lecture
Common Florida Reef Fish
ich 16 Lecuture 16
Fish Behavior and Communication
ich 17 Lecture 17

 Practice Fish ID Exam for final test