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Chapter 1: The Science of Marine Biology
Lecture 1

Course notes can be found by clicking the link above.  This will provide you with the PowerPoints.  The Syllabus can be reached below:

 Syllabus OCB 2000   Summer 2014

 Syllabus OCB 2000 Laboratory Summer 2014


Chapter 2: The Seafloor
Lecture 2
Seafloor stuff, plate tectonics and other useful carpet cleaning advice!
Chapter 3: Water's Chemical Properties (Part 1)
Lecture 3
Chapter 3: Water's Chemical Properties (Part 2)
Lecture 3
Chapter 4: Basics of Biology
Lecture 4
Chapter 5: The Microbial World
Lecture 5
Chapter 6: Seaweed
Lectures 7 and 8

Chapter 7: Animals without Backbones (part 1)
Lecture 9


Chapter 8: Fish
Lecture 11
Marine Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals
Lectures 12 and 13
The filthy, feathery, and furry all come together.
Chapter 10: Marine Ecology
Lectures 14

Chapter 10: Ecosystem Organization

chapter 10 

intro to ecology

Chapter 11: Animals on the Edge
Lecture 16
Chaos theory at its finest. Diversity breeds survial strategies.
Real estate competition, exclusion, pushing and shoving. These two chapters have it all.
Chapter 12: Estuaries
Lecture 17

Chapter 14: Coral Reefs
Lecture 18


Human Impacts:  Chapter 17