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BSC 1025 Nutrition and Drugs Course Page
Instructor: Dr. Craig S. Kasper
Office: BSCI 107 B
Phone: 253-7881
Email: ckasper@hccfl.edu


Chapter 1

Please use the notes below to help you stay up with the class material.  Per your request I included the older notes and the newest version.  This should satisfy the verbose and kurt-minded in all of us. 

Introduction to Nutrition Science (short)


Syllabus spring 2012

Lab Syllabus spring 2012


Chapter 2

Diet Planning: Lecture 2

Diet Planning: Lecture 2 (extended notes)

We were supposed to answer the age ole question.  Did we do it?  You only know if you went to class!!

Remeber: These notes are helpful, but not a true substitute for going to my class...you don't get the advantage of my bizarre sense of humor either. 

Chapter 3


Digestion  (extended notes) By now, we've discussed what we eat. What we should or shouldn't eat and a little bit of why. Now we'll find out what begins to happen once we eat it!

Chapter 4
 Even if Lance Armstrong can't help you with your cycling technique, maybe you can take a page from his training manual and sculpt your body into a place where carbohydrates do to die!!  Hey, anything is possible.

Carbohydrates (extended notes)

Chapter 5
By now, you recognize excessive body fat isn't good, but do you appreciate the good qualities of fat. It provides protection from cold and energy for strenuous work? What about food fat? You're right to thank fat for providing the delicioius flavors and aromas of buttered popcorn, pizza, and fried chicken (and the curse of subsequent weight gain!) The challenge is to find a balance of fats without overdoing it. We'll examine fats (lipids) in this chapter and discuss the importance of fatty acids to your system.

Alcohol Spring 2009


Chapter 6
Dietary protein is critical for survival, but how much and what type to we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle? What types of proteins are necessary and which ones can we do without? Do we need protein at all or is there anohter way? (Yes...this is a trick question.) We'll discuss proteins and amino acids in class and how they pertain to human nutrition.

Chapter 6 (extended notes)

Chapter 7

 In this chapter we will begin putting all the pieces together.  We will discuss how the body handles the major nutrient classes and what is the result. 



Metabolism (extended notes)

Chapter 8
Energy Balance and Body Composition
Let's face it; you've heard all about this diet and that diet. Carb-rich vs. carb-poor. All protein. The egg, grapefruit, steak, yes...even the beer diet. We'll discuss body maintenance and energy balance in this chapter. What we will ultimately find is that the old addage of "calories-in vs. calories-out" must still be respected!


Chapter 8 Extended notes

Chapter 10
Water-soluble vitamins
Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins...

Water soluble vitamins (extended notes)

Topic 11
Fat Soluble Vitamins

Fat Soluble Vitamins (extended)

Topic 12
Water, Major Minerals, etc.
As requested...water, and the major minerals, etc...

Water, Major Minerals, etc. (extended) 



Topic 13
Trace Minerals  


Topic 9 and chapter 18
weight management


More weight manangement

Chapter 18 Notes

Topic 14 extended notes

Here you go...for the fitness nut in all of us!


  Smokie Hiking 3.jpg          Topic 19 Food Safety                 

Concerns about Food and Water

Concerns about Food and Water (more notes) 

Chapter 15 Notes (Pregnancy and Lactation) 


   Chapter 17: Seasoned

ch 17 extended