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 ART 2600C









This course is intended to introduce students to basic digital imaging manipulation skills within the Fine Art context of creative expression.  Focus on digital imaging manipulation techniques learned within a  raster-based environment, primarily including the fundamentals of various special effects, filters, layers and masks used to explore the creation of artistically expressive images.  Students will use current computer-imaging software to create original art in a variety of final output formats.  Hardware and image input processes are also discussed.

Prerequisite:  ART 1201C (Design Foundations)

or:   PGY-2801C (Digital Photography I)


The objective of this course is to provide the fundamental technical skills that will allow students to develop the creative utilization of digital technology in a Fine Art context.  It should be noted that this is an ART COURSE:  it does not address itself to vocational skills and results.  Students will be evaluated upon achievement of the technical and aesthetic excellence rather than personal improvement, strength of effort, or excessive quantity.  Individual creativity, visual problem solving and precise craftsmanship will be stressed.


Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:
1)    Successfully understand and utilize digital media as a tool within the larger context of  fine art and how it compares to other traditional fine art media.     2)    Effectively utilize digital media/image manipulation skills for the purposes of artistic creative expression.     3)    Understand how to utilize symbolism, iconography and metaphor in the creation of digitally created artistic imagery.     4)    Learn the MAC or PC operating system and be able to navigate from application to application.     5)    Demonstrate a basic understanding of digital imaging software (primarily raster-based), through successful navigation and applications of tools and commands, including:  toolbox, preferences, navigation and document setup, color palettes, libraries, and swatches.     6)    Demonstrate an understanding of the use of the mouse and keyboard shortcut keys to increase level of proficiency and efficiency.     7)    Demonstrate an understanding of basic image manipulation through the use of filters, styles and layer styles, as well as demonstrate knowledge of fill, stroke and transformation tools.     8)    Demonstrate an understanding of how to create composite images from multiple source images through the use of layers, masking, linking, and transparency and blending modes.     9)    Demonstrate effective utilization of input devices.     10)    Demonstrate effective file management, including utilization of storage devices for saving and backup of work files.     11)    Create visual Digitally Designed solutions that effectively fulfill project goals.     12)    Demonstrate effective utilization of output devices.     13)    Understand the relationships between various output processes and the use/role of professional service bureaus in the creation/presentation of finished work






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