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 GRA 2111C



*** Graphic Design (GRA 2111C), along with Digital Illustration (GRA 2156C) and Digital Photography (PGY 2801C) form the core coursework for the AA Degree in Graphic Design.






This course is an introductory class which will introduce students to the design applications relevant to graphic design.  Students with little or no experience on a MAC or PC will become familiar with the operating systems and using the computer to bring their images into the computer and be able to function with proficiency in the management, input and output, design applications and creating backups of their work. 

Prerequisite:  ART 1201C (Design Foundations)

Co-requisite: PGY-2401C (Photography I)


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:   successfully understand and utilize digital media as a design tool; Demonstrate knowledge of a Macintosh-based operating system and be able to navigate from application to application; Effectively utilize digital design as a communication device within the larger context of visual communication/language skills; Understand the use of symbolic devices such as color, fonts, and other design elements to evoke emotional responses from the viewer/audience/customer; Demonstrate an understanding of digital imaging and design software (primarily raster-based) through successful navigation and application of tools and commands including (but not limited to): toolbox, preferences, navigation and document setup, color palettes, libraries, swatches, transparency controls, image compositing and masking, as well as demonstrate knowledge of fill, stroke and transformation tools; Create and edit text; Place raster images and demonstrate linking, embedding and masking; Demonstrate an understanding of the use of the mouse and keyboard shortcut keys to increase level of proficiency and efficiency; Demonstrate an effective utilization of input devices; Demonstrate effective file management, including utilization of storage devices for saving and backup of work files; Create visual digitally designed solutions that effectively fulfill project goals; Demonstrate effective utilization of output devices; and Understand the relationships between various output processes and the use/role of professional service bureaus in the creation/presentation of finished work




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