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 PGY 2401C









This course provides a basic understanding of the technical aspects of black and white photographyinvolving camera operation, exposure control, film processing, print enlarging and finishing. The students will become familiar with photographic materials, as well as artistic composition and design.


The objective of this photography course is to provide a basic understanding of the visual and technical skills necessary to pursue and appreciate photography as a Fine  Art.  This course will cover all aspects of black and white photography involving camera operation, exposure control, film processing, enlarging, print finishing and presentation of the final image.  In addition, the class will introduce a variety of historical and contemporary photographers as well as issues and theories within photography.  The student will strive to bring technical control into accord with artistic vision.  It should be noted that this photography course is an ART COURSE:  it does not address itself to vocational skills and results.  Students will be evaluated upon achievement of technical and aesthetic excellence rather than personal improvement, strength of effort, or excessive quantity.  Individual creativity, visual problem solving and precise craftsmanship will be stressed.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:  Understand the basic technical aspects of black and white photography involving camera operation, and exposure control/selecting appropriate f-stops and shutter speeds for different picture taking problems/interpret in-camera reflected light meter readings/arrive at appropriate exposures in a variety of lighting situations/bracket exposures/demonstrate competent and safe practices in the photographic facility while developing black and white film/define the functions of and properly utilize the following chemicals for processing and printing in the black and white darkroom:  film developers, stop bath, fix, paper developers, hypo-clearing bath and photo-flo/operate in the black and white darkroom with RC paper and the appropriate chemistry/select from a test strip the appropriate density for an initial print/identify and make correction in the areas which need burning or dodging and use the proper contrast filters when necessary/prepare final exhibition quality images for critique/ spot and drymount images for presentation/critique the form and content of photographs in a class peer setting/state significant historical contributions and technical innovations pertinent to the development of photography/use photography as a medium of personal expression/demonstrate the creative process through class discourse.


***Ultimately, this course is broken down into three main components:  technical skill (learning the operations of the camera, how to compose an image, how to process negatives, and how to print images), historical context (being introduced to significant photographers, concepts and theories from the history of photography), and the student's own conceptual development (the ability to utilize photography as a visual language and effectively articulate a concept or idea through one's imagery).






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