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 PGY 2410C








This course presents advanced technical problems introducing the students to various manipulative techniques both in the camera and in the darkroom. The students will deal with refinement of the silver print using fiber paper, toning, hand coloring, collaging, and  the production of a cohesive exhibition quality body of work.  In addition, students will be introduced to a wider range of both historical and contemporary photographers and photographic movements/styles.

Prerequisite: PGY-2401C (Photography I)


The objective of this course is placed on emphasizing advanced conceptual, technical and historical approaches to photography.  Students will be introduced to various manipulative techniques both in the camera as well as in the darkroom.  Students will also be expected to refine and perfect their technical skills and the development of their acuity, perception, and aesthetic sensibilities.  In addition, the class will build upon the students’ knowledge of historical and contemporary photographers as well as issues and theories within photography.  Students are also expected to begin working towards the development of a personal vision in photography.  It should be noted that this photography course is an ART COURSE:  it does not address itself to vocational skills and results.  Students will be evaluated upon achievement of the technical and aesthetic excellence rather than personal improvement, strength of effort, or excessive quantity.  Individual creativity, visual problem solving and precise craftsmanship will be stressed.


Upon completion of this course the student will understand and implement advanced technical aspects of black and white photography involving camera and darkroom manipulations/refine exposure control through use of appropriate f-stops and shutter speeds for different picture taking problems/demonstrate competent and safe practices in the photographic facility while developing traditional black and white films as well as infrared films/use filters when shooting film for desired effects/refine printing techniques in the black and white darkroom utilizing fiber based paper and the appropriate processing steps and chemistry/prepare final exhibition quality images for a critique/ use various toners and hand coloring techniques on fiber based paper/ demonstrate manipulative techniques/ produce and edit images for presentation/ produce a coherent sequence, series or grouping of photographs which demonstrate a theme or idea/ critique the form and content of photographs in a class peer setting/ state significant historical contributions and technical innovations pertinent to the development of photography/ use photography as a medium of personal expression/ demonstrate the creative process through class discourse.


***Ultimately, this course is broken down into three main components:  technical skill , historical context, and the student's own conceptual development.