Professor Ghosh Biography


Prof. Ghosh is full time faculty at Hillsborough Community College and the Program Manager chairing the Associate of Science in Biotechnology at HCC. Ms. Ghosh earned a Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences from the College of Medicine in Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology, and a Master of Science in Biology, providing her with a well-diversified background that qualifies her to teach, understand and appreciate life sciences and its industries. As an educator teaching undergraduate science courses, it is her mission to instill in her students a sense of adventure, and to help them discover the wide body of scientific knowledge. As a Program Manager for a workforce program in Tampa bay, she is a facilitator for application of knowledge in the workforce. HCC is invested in workforce training for productive careers in the STEM initiative. To strengthen HCCs program with the industry advisory council, she has built a robust partnership with local life science companies, academic institutions, hospitals, and also research labs. Prof. Ghosh keeps current with involvement in K-12 schools, presentations at local and national conferences, advisory board of journal publications and active membership in college and community committees.

College Affiliation:
· Science Cluster member for college-wide Academic Affairs Committee
· College-wide Tenure Committee
· Post Tenure Review Committee
· Several Faculty & Dean Hiring Committee
· Faculty Mentor for Canvas LMS

Community Affiliation:
· Member (Key Expert, Healthcare and Life Sciences) Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Education Connection
· Member of SAC Committee, Turner Bartels K-8 School & Williams Middle School
· Million Women Mentor for Hillsborough County Middle schools
· FIRST® LEGO® League Robotics Mentor
· Hillsborough County High School Teachers’ Summer STEM workshop in partnership with FLATE
· Biotechnology Internship and Industry Outreach

Professional Affiliation:
National Science Teacher Association
National Association of Biology Teachers
Society for College Science Teachers
American Society for Microbiology
FLDOE Biotechnology Program Review (as part of Institutional membership)
Former NSF ATE grant reviewer
Former JCST Advisory board member
Member FUSA
Member FEA

Personal Philosophy:
docendo discimus (Teach in order to learn)
ipsa scientia potestas est (Knowledge itself is power)
sapere aude (Dare to be wise)