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Secondary Sources
Bederman: Manliness and Civilization
Karlson: Devil in the Shape of a Woman
Demos: The Enemy Within
Norton: In the Devil’s Snare
Chauncey: Gay New York
Fox-Genovese: Within the Plantation Household
Fox-Genovese and Genovese: The Mind of the Master Class
Genovese: Roll, Jordon, Roll
Dunn: Sugar and Slaves
Ellis: Founding Brothers
Ellis: American Sphinx: the Character of Thomas Jefferson
Johnson: Soul by Soul
May: Homeward Bound
Coontz: The Way we Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap
Hall et al.: Like a Family
Axtel: The Indian’s New World
Greene: Pursuits of Happiness
Ryan: The Cradle of the Middle Class
Remini: The Life of Andrew Jackson
Silver: Our Savage Neighbors
Foner: A Short History of Reconstruction
Faust: This Republic of Suffering
Stout: Upon the Alter of the Nation