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Early Modern Europe

Primary Sources
Cervantes: Don Quixote
Erasmus: Praise of Folly
Castiglione: Book of the Courtier
Machiavelli: The Prince
Diaz: The Conquest of the New World
Leon-Portillo: Broken Spears
Aphra Behn: Oroonoko
John Locke: Second Treatise on Government and Letter Concerning Toleration
Hobbes: Leviathan

Secondary Sources
 Ginzburg: Night Battles
 Clark: Thinking with Demons
 Briggs: Witches and Neighbors
 Ruggiero: Binding Passions
 Ginzburg: Ecstasies
 Thomas: Religion and the Decline of Magic

Popular Culture
 Sabean: Power in the Blood
 Muir: Mad Blood Stirring
 Muir: Ritual in Early Modern Europe
 Ginzurg: The Cheese and the Worms
 Davis: Society and Culture in Early Modern France
 Davis: The Return of Martin Guerre
 Berce: History of Peasant Revolts
 Ladurie: Carnival in Romans
 Ladurie: Montaillou

Women and Gender
 Haigh: Elizabeth I
 Loades: Elizabeth I
 Guy: Queen of Scots
 Fletcher: Gender, Sex, and Subordination in England: 1500-1800
 Mendelson and Crawford: Women in Early Modern England
 Davis: Women on the Margins
 Eves: The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn
 Gowing: Domestic Dangers
 Laqueur: Making Sex

Italian Renaissance
 Martines: April Blood
 Plumb: The Italian Renaissance
 William Manchester: A World Lit Only by Fire

New World and Old
 Axtell: The Invasion Within
 Pagden: The Fall of Natural Man
 Pagden: Lords of All the World

 Kagan: Lucrecia’s Dreams

 Canny: Making Ireland British
 Canny: Kingdom and Colony
 Bottigheimer: Ireland and the Irish
 The Oxford History of Ireland
 MacCurtain and O’Dowd: Women in Early Modern Ireland
 Ellis: Ireland in the Age of the Tudors
 Bourke: The Burning of Bridget Cleary
 Clark: The Old English in Ireland

 Burgess: Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart Constitution
 Schochet: The  Authoritarian Family and Political Attitudes in 17c England
 Colley: Britains
 Bier: Masterless Men
 Purkiss: The English Civil War
 Underdown: Revel, Riot, and Rebellion
 The Oxford History of Britain

The Reformation
 MacCulloch: The Reformation
 Roper: The Holy Household
 Diefendorf: Beneath the Cross

Political Thought
 Marshall: John Locke: Resistance, Religion, and Responsibility
 Marshall: John Locke, Toleration and Early Enlightenment Culture
 Skinner: The Foundations of Modern Political Thought vol. I and II
 Pocock: The Machiavellian Moment

 Parker: Success is Never Final