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Modern Europe

Primary Sources:
Marx: The Communist Manifesto and other works
Engels: The Conditions of the Working Class in England
Wollstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Women
Rousseau: The Social Contract
Burke: Reflections on the Revolution

Secondary Sources
Andress: The French Revolution and the People
Lefebvre: The Coming of the French Revolution
Forrest: Soldiers of the French Revolution
Rediker: The Slave Ship
Rediker: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Rediker: Villans of All Nations
Andrews: Trade, Plunder and Settlement
Blackburn: The Making of New World Slavery
McClintock: Imperial Leather
Davidoff and Hall: Family Fortunes
E. P. Thompson: The Making of the English Working Class
E.P. Thompson: Customs in Common
Walkowitz: Prostitution and Victorian Society
Walkowitz: City of Dreadful Delight
Rappaport: Shopping for Pleasure
Steedman: Landscape for a Good Woman
Midgely: Women and Imperialism
Gordon: Pitied but not Entitled
Wills: That Neutral Island
Howe: Oscar Wilde’s Last Stand