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Earth Science at the Ybor City campus
Central America

The Earth Sciences cover a broad range of topics, and while all of these areas of science are interconnected, the course cannot possibly cover them all in one semester.  Even so, every effort is made to cover the main areas of Geology (including oceanography), Meteorology, and Astronomy.  The course utilizes current issues of the Earth as a whole, as well as focusing on those in the Tampa Bay area.  While the class does consist of traditional lecturing, group discussion, in-class activites, local field trips, and guest speakers are all integrated where appropriate and as the schedule allows.  Since the Earth is a dynamic system, topics covered in the course may be altered to cover any new items of interest and issues that arise.  Students are expected to participate in the course to make it an even more dynamic subject. 

Come explore the Earth Sciences at the Ybor City Campus!


Current students of ESC 1000 will find the course syllabus by selecting the appropriate course section in the left navigation menu.

This course is corequisite with ESC 1000L